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Telemedicine Risk Management: 

Amid ongoing challenges and changes within the healthcare industry, telemedicine is emerging as an increasingly attractive tool for delivering 

quality medical services. 


NTT DATA White Paper:

Trends in Telehealth (2014)

Telehealth is a game changer for the healthcare 

industry. The current healthcare system focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of acute disease and on emergency care. Telehealth is patient centric and concentrates on health rather than illness. It will play an important role as the industry moves away from a fee-for-service model toward more outcome-focused 

care and reimbursement. More importantly, it brings healthcare directly into patient homes and to patients wherever they may be. 





What We Can Do For Your Company

We have developed strategic alliances with the top companies in their respective industries to offer our clients the best quality of service, products, and competitive rates for coverage.

Areas of Service:

>   Health/Wellness Employee Benefits

      *Smart Choices-OBAMACARE Approved         Insurance

​>   Legal Service Plans Employee Benefit

​>   Energy

​>   Mobile Marketing

​>   Commercial: Security Systems



Employer Telemedicine Benefits

*Lowers annual healthcare cost for companies

*Reduced employee absenteeism

*Enhanced Productivity

Our Experience & Mission
With 15 years of experience,
Yolanda Mitchell  heads up the Better Options Group Team in developing strategic plans to decrease the expenses of companies and create a true WIN/WIN work environment for employers and their employees.

"As a Group Benefits Consultant and Risk Management Specialist, it has been my pleasure to help companies increase their profit margins and enhance production of their employees by giving employees better options when it comes to their health and livelihoods." 


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